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 Laptop PC with GTX 960M appeared

Razer announced the “Blade Pro” thin gaming notebook PC on March 12 local time. It is on sale at the direct sales site “”, and the price is 2,299 dollars.
Here are some key features of this product. On the right side of the keyboard is a “Razer Switch Blade User Interface” with a liquid crystal track pad with customization function and 10 liquid crystal built – in keys. Trackpad also supports 4 point touch. In addition, this liquid crystal can be used as a sub display, it is possible to view web browsing, YouTube etc. and set wallpaper. For 10 built-in liquid crystal keys, shortcuts such as mail and SNS, in-game commands and macros can be assigned. The allocation function needs to be done using the dedicated software “Synapse 2.0”.
The main specifications of this product are 17.3 type 19201080 non glossy liquid crystal, Core i 7-4720 HQ (2.6 GHz, 3.6 GHz at Boost), GeForce GTX 960 M (4 GB), 16 GB DDR 3 L RAM, Intel HM 87 Chipset, 128 GB SSD + 500 GB HDD / 256 GB + 500 GB HDD / 512 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) and so on. It seems to be a performance that goes to the top even among laptop computers for games . More detailed information is released on the direct sales site, so if you are interested please check once.

World’s first HDMI 2.0 adopted monitor

Japan Acer Inc. began selling the 27-inch wide liquid crystal display ” S277 HKwmidpp ” for 4K display, which will be a model supporting HDMI 2.0 input from March 11th . This HDMI 2.0 compatible model PC liquid crystal display is the company and the world’s first, and the current price is about 97,000 yen.As a feature of HDMI 2.0, it is possible to transmit at 4 frames / 60 frames / second (60 Hz) via HDMI. Since conventional HDMI is 30 frames / second (30 Hz), the difference can be experienced. In the others, changes are seen also in the transmission surface of audio.

The audio sampling rate directly related to the sound quality is raised to 1536 kHz, and it can correspond up to twice as compared with the past. The number of audio channels has also been raised to four times that of the conventional 8 channels to 32 channels. Furthermore, the improvement of “Consumer Electronics Control (CEC)” and the functionality of dynamic automatic lip sync can be mentioned. As a precaution, although compatibility with the conventional HDMI is maintained, “high speed cable (category 2” or similar connector is required separately in order to display at the transmission speed of 18 Gbit / s.

Since the talk diverted, introduce the main specifications of this product briefly. IPS panel adopted 27-inch wide liquid crystal, resolution 3840 × 2160, response speed (middle gradation range) 4 ms, luminance 300 cd / m 2, extended contrast ratio 100000000: 1, power consumption 49.87 W.As mentioned earlier, it is perfect for video and sound quality. Price is a bit expensive, but should it be reasonable to think that it has such performance?

There are 4K liquid crystal addicts in succession

Absolutely 4K I want the otaku you want. Monitors have also become widespread, and services like Netflix came out. Just because it costs money to make it is impossible. The word y ty itself was a while ago. Although the era is destense, I feel like I was destesty about a year ago. SWBF I am PS4 choice. Pc remained in the swtor era and did not move to Matmo at load after putting 4k monitor. FluidMotion is another PC and I think that there is a spec that there is enough speck to be able to do not stagnate with 4K monitor + α, but if the game recurs, it will be troubled. Dell’s 4k monitor 70,000? I am arranging 2.6k for Mac and 4k for Windows, so I want to make it both 4k. (Although it can also be used as a multi monitor, I normally use it separately.) Personally I think that efficiency will rise considerably, but missionary progress does not progress quietly. Next is 4K and it is multi monitor. 4K poisoned beckoning.

The 4K monitor of DCI 4K (sideways 4096) costs a good price. A 55-inch plasma in the living room, 4 K monitor in the private room. It came very much like AV equipment mania. It’s cheaper than iMac 5K because the pixel price is about 0.012 yen at 31 MU97-B, but there is a cheaper 4K monitor and the keyboard does not come with it. I want a 4K monitor. In place of the 4k monitor I adjusted variously, my eyes are getting used to, but it feels nice. It looks very clear. I also thought of 5k, but the response on the PC side was severe and it was too expensive (it took about 3 times 4k) to 4k. 27inch, 4k monitors arrived today, but the feeling of losing by 0.017 yen per pixel is amazing.

Net movies can also be enjoyed with super high image quality on 4K monitor

CompuLab 4K Display Emulator, I have already gotten a maniac product that thinks that there are only about 10 items a year in the world. I want to buy cheap 4k monitor. I was shocked when I saw 14 chances on a 4K monitor and I was surprised. I think that 4K is also nice if it has only hardware and software, but it is not realistic so I will not buy it (I can not buy it) Macbook 4K monitor and Aaron chair I will deposit, but it is not absolutely necessary, is this OK? I will use a coming 4K monitor and MacBook Pro in combination This may become the strongest Mac if I make it dual monitor. I hope to use the new window PC on the 4K monitor. I wonder if it is a 4k and 120Hz monitor. Is a 27 inch monitor small at 4k? Please tell me the distance between the monitor and the eyes. I use 4K with 200% of 24 inches. Because it is a 4k monitor, it is hard to see three pieces and so on.

Because it became possible to obtain side dishes easily easily on the net, it is not good even if you do not need to be Blu – ray or something. Extreme story, I think that it was wrong again if it became not to be seen if the movie on the net is not a 4k compatible monitor or playback equipment. 4k I do not monitor over 120 Hz. If I tried to do 4k Triple Monitor etc. how many Grabo can I load? For the time being, the rent for the current job is decided to be turned into 4K Display, power supply, CPU cooler and Delpxhi XE8. The main PC core i7 6700K transition is on occasion. I made new monitors as the previous monitor became an incalculable one. It came when the price of 4K came, but Grabo side absolutely can not catch up, so I quit. However, because it is not interesting just for FHD, I made it to 21: 9 Ultra Wide. You are quite wide.

4K Can not fully demonstrate without proper grabbing and CPU environment

When it is combined with the 4K monitor, it jumps out at a margin of 300,000. Together with the 4k monitor it is 300,000. I will buy a 4K monitor when the animation broadcast starts at 4K. I do not have a 4K monitor, but probably the score goes down considerably with 4K. However, it seems that 3 cards will likely struggle. Switching or switching the best while checking for transmission on a large 4K monitor, just imagining rising tension. People in the laboratory are using 4K monitors. I am familiar with 4K / 23 or 27 of the PC monitor, so it’s 4K / 42 or Gassagasa. I connected PS 4 to the 4K monitor and watched anime and games, but if it was not native it would not change much. I changed my computer monitor to 4K, but that simply increases the work space even if there is no content.

Children 960 or 970 enough feeling. If there is a 4K monitor 980 may be good. If it is put out for TV, it seems likely. If it is a new HDMI, 4k will come out. I wish the monitor corresponded. 4k monitor, if it is cheap, are you cutting 100,000? But it seems to be cheap and bad. I would like to buy a firm and have it for over 10 years. After all the animation is the supremacy of upscaling the 720p guy with PowerDVD 10 Ultra and watching it on the 4K monitor. Because there are 3 PCs for now, it will be managed. Built on 4k monitor with HDMI connection to VAIO PRO. After that it is safe in the liquid crystal and the body dead and Nikoichi, do you use with 4k monitor connected? Actually it seems that it does not make sense for me even if I only have a 4K compatible monitor, but an image that can not fully demonstrate performance unless you load the corresponding CPU or Grabo.

DELL 4K monitor

Two hundred thousand in GTX 980 and 4 k monitor. 4K monitor Consider customer support to use “P2415Q” made by DELL. “XPS 8300 GeForce GTX 560 Ti” does not correspond to 4K output, even if you buy a new graphics card, there is no guarantee of compatibility, new machines are recommended. Can you buy it just before Win10 release? I feel that the monitor is up to 1080p at 24 inches. In other words, in the monitor of 1080p 4K picture quality is not meaning that it is not like monkey. After ten years I will say that the dot is too big on the 4k monitor. I bought a 4K compatible Grabo so I bought a 4K display this time and thought that I should quit the multi monitor, but I do not have the right size. I want about 30 inch.

My environment is LG’s IPS panel, DELL’s WQHD monitor, and BenQ’s VA WUXGA monitor of ancient times, but if you buy it now, I think it will be DELL’s 4K 27 inch monitor like LG’s IPS panel. Lazy 1440900 The resolution monitor is limited. But even if I bought a 2K monitor recently it seems to be out of date in a few years, and it is 4K when it comes to this, but also in the future when 120 Hz becomes commonplace, it seems that it will be obsolete with monitors that only show up at 60 Hz . I thought it was about 4K monitor soon, but it looks like it’s not 120Hz at 4K yet. Even if there is it, it is high Mecha. Waiting for a while. But I am interested in VR that I’m about to come next. Although it was a boom with a 3D TV or the like completely, I felt like I could use this 3D technology in VR, so it was a useless boom.

The 4k monitor is pretty enough for second hand use

It was good. Connect with the 4K monitor. I do not have cheap used 4k monitor second hand. For the time being, I arrive in Shinjuku and see 4K monitor and Laox. I hope to connect to the 4K monitor. After all I think that Grabo will enter about 6G if I try to use 4k monitor for shooting. Someone buy eizo EV 3237. I want a 4k monitor. 144 dpi So capture with a 4k monitor and shake it to waifu 2x. Will you also buy it on the 4K monitor? If it is a 4k monitor, it is length 2160, so it’s 200 pixels longer. When the character gets finer than now it will not be visible unless you make the monitor closer, the desktop becomes ultra narrow. I want to PSO 2 on 4k monitor. K 4k monitor of the eyes who do not know the monitor. Clean, cool, cute, clever Elie Chica.

4k looking for a monitor too much Grabo did detect the mystery. Air 4k monitor. I feel VR is better than 4k monitor. I want a 4K monitor. Iiyama’s 28 inch monitor, 4K correspondence is 70 thousand. After PC replacement, I’m going to 4K monitor and play Minesweeper on a big screen. I am concerned about DELL liquid crystal for P2416D. TN is a bit bad now, I want to buy WQHD or 4K monitor. I really want the P2415Q, but I also feel 4K is overspecific. 4K is Akira melon at the budget. For now, I will decide on the size and function of the design and monitor and the price. I am aligning 4k monitor ASUS or something and I correspond to you. I do not see if the client is compatible.